The best feeling in the world, Becoming a Man of Influence


Let’s talk about what excites us the most in life. As a computer programmer I spent majority of my days feeling like the world was number and just went through life ignoring the feeling & emotional side as I was a very analytical person. Out there trying to figure everything out. But now I realize there is more to life than just analytics, in fact there’s a whole life out there of unlimited amount of possibilities and feels.

Let me talk about what gets me excited about life currently. Some things I used to close my first deal which was a tow truck owner out of Southfield, MI

I get excited about life when I see my skills beginning to increase. I become better at matching and mirroring. When I become aware of people’s personal boundaries, when I master the art of matching and mirror and getting people to love me and I begin to influence them. I get excited about life when I continually show up in the world as a powerful human being that doesn’t take no for an answer. I am the rare top 1% in the world that takes what he wants and sees through to his goals till the end. I am successful because I have developed the habits that make me successful. I am an entrepreneur that is on fire, I am on a life purpose that is at the highest level. I am out there influencing out there to invest in me because I sell them on the vision of what its going to be like in the future.

Its all in the process of becoming  a producer instead of consumer.

I am the wolf of persuasion and sells, I get other people to invest in me thousands of dollars and I am slowly awakening a force inside that once its unleashed I easily get people to invest in me. I have the power but I hold it back and people respect me more for it. I am understanding and I have empathy for other’s problems. People really like me when I speak to them on the phone because I match and mirror where they are at.

I am incredibly powerful in my presence and my tone of voice I get other people to invest in me, I run language patterns that get people to buy into me. I am a man of incredible magnitude and power.

The best feeling in the world is when you finally influence someone to buy into your vision, when you influence someone into buying into you, and you are the most powerful sales person. My goal is to get to the point of closing somebody that should be closed, like the towing guy

It was  deal for one of my old cars, the tow truck owner was looking to rebuild it, it was my 88 chevy and he wanted it bad but maybe he was looking at few others in the area. So I had to go in a persuade him why mine was the best and why getting my car was the best decision.

So I used the straight line persuasion to make sure that he went home with the vehicle which is exactly what I did by laying out all the benefit, the upside and potential of doing business with me is huge. I list out all the benefits. Bullet points after bullet points.

And I loop and loop and loop until the man closes.