The best feeling in the world, Becoming a Man of Influence


Let’s talk about what excites us the most in life. As a computer programmer I spent majority of my days feeling like the world was number and just went through life ignoring the feeling & emotional side as I was a very analytical person. Out there trying to figure everything out. But now I realize there is more to life than just analytics, in fact there’s a whole life out there of unlimited amount of possibilities and feels.

Let me talk about what gets me excited about life currently. Some things I used to close my first deal which was a tow truck owner out of Southfield, MI

I get excited about life when I see my skills beginning to increase. I become better at matching and mirroring. When I become aware of people’s personal boundaries, when I master the art of matching and mirror and getting people to love me and I begin to influence them. I get excited about life when I continually show up in the world as a powerful human being that doesn’t take no for an answer. I am the rare top 1% in the world that takes what he wants and sees through to his goals till the end. I am successful because I have developed the habits that make me successful. I am an entrepreneur that is on fire, I am on a life purpose that is at the highest level. I am out there influencing out there to invest in me because I sell them on the vision of what its going to be like in the future.

Its all in the process of becoming  a producer instead of consumer.

I am the wolf of persuasion and sells, I get other people to invest in me thousands of dollars and I am slowly awakening a force inside that once its unleashed I easily get people to invest in me. I have the power but I hold it back and people respect me more for it. I am understanding and I have empathy for other’s problems. People really like me when I speak to them on the phone because I match and mirror where they are at.

I am incredibly powerful in my presence and my tone of voice I get other people to invest in me, I run language patterns that get people to buy into me. I am a man of incredible magnitude and power.

The best feeling in the world is when you finally influence someone to buy into your vision, when you influence someone into buying into you, and you are the most powerful sales person. My goal is to get to the point of closing somebody that should be closed, like the towing guy

It was  deal for one of my old cars, the tow truck owner was looking to rebuild it, it was my 88 chevy and he wanted it bad but maybe he was looking at few others in the area. So I had to go in a persuade him why mine was the best and why getting my car was the best decision.

So I used the straight line persuasion to make sure that he went home with the vehicle which is exactly what I did by laying out all the benefit, the upside and potential of doing business with me is huge. I list out all the benefits. Bullet points after bullet points.

And I loop and loop and loop until the man closes.

Becoming a producer instead of a consumer


I have been reading various on books about how to become a producer of products instead of being a consumer of them. That the most empowered human beings on this planet does one thing different versus the majority of humans and that is they create stuff instead of being the receiver of service and goods.

They look at the world and say, how can I dominate and take over more places and begin running the show. I know its not always easy to produce products especially if you feel like you have nothing good to give to the world. But this is what separates the weak from the real.

You have to hone your craft and skill till you have the confidence to bring something of real value to the world and this might take years you say. But really the book I’ve been reading has been opening my eyes to the fact that we all have talents and skill that are yet untapped within ourselves.

We are all special in some unique ways and we have all put enormous amounts of time into one area where all of our energies and attention goes. Whether that be playing the guitar, running marathons, playing video games or learning different languages. And this is all determined by our beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world and our value system. For example, people put time and energy into something in life at all times, for example an obese person puts their time and energy in consumption of food.

We may not think that the obese person is doing anything, or they are too lazy but in fact that person is also taking massive action in one area, but in case of obese person or a drug addict that one area they are focusing on is self-destructive. That is the case for many people sadly, they are taking action but in all the wrong areas.

Do you know someone like this in your life?

I know plenty…

and it doesn’t have to be the obvious bad stuff like heroine addict which I do not know anyone near me under going that kind of abuse but I do know many people that use weed for example which is becoming more and more acceptable part of people’s daily lifestyle, like weed is the god and they pray and kneel before it to ‘alter’ their life experience.

Again weed I feel is particularly dangerous because it slowly erodes away at the integrity of the individual and the productivity plummets but this kind of behavior is accepted in the world. Which makes it all the more dangerous whereas heroine usage is definitely shunned.

Let me stretch your mind further, you thought weed was dangerous? How about much more accepted behaviors like spending time on social media? How much time do people spend inside Facebook and Twitter now?

What affect is that having on people’s production? How can you strive towards your dreams when you are checking Facebook statuses every minute of every day?

Living vicariously through other people’s thoughts and actions? Enter the virtual reality of 2015.

I am investing all of my personal will and power to unplug from the matrix that is

Being the consumer


Becoming the Producer

I have recently began scouting potential places where I’d like to get started on honing my craft and I mentioned few blog posts ago about a limousine company.

Well it turn out they also manufacturer limousines and the owner was looking for more limo builders for his operation. Well I have always been fascinated by the fancy cars and limos since young. And always loved drawing sports cars and various cool vehicles whenever I got free time. I just really enjoy designing interesting car designs.

Well I am doing my research about this company and the more I do the more intrigued I become about the potential of mastering the skill of turning a regular car then stretching it into a limousine.

For example this is one of the limousine for sale they build


Beautiful Excalibur Limo, how pristine is that?

They build it all by themselves, and that’s what really sparked my interest with this company because I remember riding in one of those classy Excalibur limo with my grandfather way back in the day as he liked to drive in nice things.

So this is something I could never forget! And this Excalibur Limousine For Sale is so rare that even with diligent searching online, I could not find one supplier that I can source this vehicle from! Which tells me these guys make rare stuff.

In the meantime, I will say that I have talked to the owner, and he is a an very interesting guy with many input on which vehicle to buy and how to make great money on each of them. He has educated me on what’s the best skill to learn when making limos and he seems very generous with his time and efforts to allowing me to understand that these skills will continue to pay for life time.

I am all for it! Sign me up!

In case your wonder?  Its these guys, give them a call if you are interesting buying a limo and making passive income from it.

Limo Creator


Some words to live by…



I’ve been reading the Lao Tzu Philosophy books and they have been really powerful tools to help me realign my life and my purpose towards one where I am striving towards greatness each and everyday and becoming a better person than I was yesterday.

Lao talks about living in the present moment where all your power lies, its when you stop projecting out into the future but stay right here in the now and bring your attention back to the now, you actually begin to have more power in presence and everything else. As human beings we are always distracted with the day to day life, we are not really living inside our bodies anymore, most of us occupy the mental plane and get distracted about all the negative that’s happening in life.

RAS or your Reticular Activation System is a powerful system where whatever you focus on expands and grow in your life, when you focus on all the crap in life that’s what you begin to attract and fall down in avalanches of it. As much as I love learning about nutrition and staying on top of the game as far as my nutrition goes, I have to watch myself not get too neurotic about all the negative poisons that are out there, whether that be chemtrails, GMO’s or Nano-particles. I have to be very careful and begin focusing on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I will be taking a major step soon, and that step is going to include a lot of changes, vast shifts to take place all at once and in a quick sweep. And although I have a lot of fear walking into the unknown if it is something I fear I know I have to go take that action because I know its what keeps me alive and its what will drive me to the next level of life and existence. To not live as a consumer but as  a producer.

And this is the next level of awareness and reality, I am waking up to each and everyday. Am I a consumer or producer, I am either one or the other in any given moment. I want to unplug myself more and more from all of the things that make me a slave and walk more and more into powerful version of myself where I am alert, alive, feeling smart and empowered. Those are the states of clarity and mental acuity that I am after and I will do everything in my power to get there. It’s the state of relaxation but drive and ambition to go out and achieve greater things.

I take massive action and take risks. If I am out of money, I will walk out into the market place and make something happen, whether that be selling some products I made or whatever else. I am committed to my path and purpose.

And in order to achieve all these states, I have to take action in the Now. Lao Tzu thank you for waking me up to what is important in life.

Wise words from a friend…


I have a friend that’s running a long time limo company in Michigan, and this fellow has been through a lot of hardship in his life. Back in 2008 when the economy crashed he lost everything, from his workers and the manager he trusted they stole $350,000 from him which he was not going to see any returns on.

This put him in a dark place and he has been battling and crawling his way out of the turmoil ever since. How he lost all that money was due to over trusting of his faculties. It has been a very tough time for him, I personally could not imagine losing $350K, that is years worth of work if you are an employee, and perhaps most people will not recover from that kind of upset.

Although he was very distraught, and lost faith in the limo business and  moved to Florida for a while to take his mind off of it all. Yet now he has come back to the game and doing hotter than ever, building the biggest limo company in Michigan.

This what he told me the other day which I thought was so very applicable to my own life.

“There is no embarrassment in set back or losing, the embarrassment is in the quitting.”

These are words I live by everyday, because I too am trying to build this blog and my own personal business so that I can quit being an employee for somebody else. I am on a path to become an entrepreneur and establishing a die-hard do whatever it takes type of mentality to get there.

I may fall and falter many times a long the way, sometimes I’m not as productive as I should be, and I slide sideways but I push through and get things done, some days I don’t get hardly any work done, and I feel pretty crappy about those days. But the lesson here for me is to not dwell on those moments or days where I falter, but just move on, get back up, dust myself off and keep pushing through.

Also another important thing for me is to keep track of how I’m spending my day and simply build awareness around all the ways I’m wasting my time. And begin to rectify those habits.

Anyway for those of you interested in limos in Michigan, please check out my friends business, he has over 25 years of experience and does great service: Troy Limo & Party Bus Ultra

Check out some of the cool limos he has, I believe he has some unique ones that other companies do not carry like the Bentley Arnage and Rolls Royce Limo.


Everyone falters, the only thing that matters is if you have enough guts to get back up and keep going.

When you fail, instead of dwelling and making a story about it, reflect briefly to learn from it and then take proactive actions to load up on your chips and try again.

We are unlimited in the amount of times we can hustle and keep hammering after it.


Welcome to the Blog, Brief Introduction

Hey everyone, I am starting this blog to spread self-empowerment messages about health and wealth creation. A journey of achieving wholeness. I named it In Software Key because I am a 10 years veteran Software engineer for Microsoft, and recently quit to pursue my passion in entrepreneurship and holistic health.

The story behind the final push that got me to quit my job was I had been praying to god for some signs and what direction I should take in my life. And one day I was debugging one of the brand new launching 2016 Microsoft Word when I debugged code read to me


Now if you take out the 1’s that line above reads

“Quit Now Dillon”

Dillon is my middle name, I know choose what you want to believe but I took that as a direct message from god and that very same day I turned in my resignation and I was out of the door in a week to now pursuing my dream of owning my own business and creating wealth for myself.

I have always been and will always be passionate about health, as I have been a long time sufferer of Crohn’s Disease and I have recovered about 80% and made tremendous stride in the last few months after finally discovering true information about health.

One thing I will say about nutrition industry is that there is a lot of misinformation and BS out there.

At this blog I plan to dive deep into some of the things I learned about the Nutrition Industry and how to truly achieve health. And Believe me I have tried it all from raw foods, veganism, juice and water fasts. You name it… I have done it. Even yoga and energy healings.

Now my 10 years of research driven by my desperation to heal myself, I have learned a lot about this field and I will tell you what has worked for me, no BS, I am not here trying to sell you anything so you know my information is real. And has some substantial value to it.