Some words to live by…



I’ve been reading the Lao Tzu Philosophy books and they have been really powerful tools to help me realign my life and my purpose towards one where I am striving towards greatness each and everyday and becoming a better person than I was yesterday.

Lao talks about living in the present moment where all your power lies, its when you stop projecting out into the future but stay right here in the now and bring your attention back to the now, you actually begin to have more power in presence and everything else. As human beings we are always distracted with the day to day life, we are not really living inside our bodies anymore, most of us occupy the mental plane and get distracted about all the negative that’s happening in life.

RAS or your Reticular Activation System is a powerful system where whatever you focus on expands and grow in your life, when you focus on all the crap in life that’s what you begin to attract and fall down in avalanches of it. As much as I love learning about nutrition and staying on top of the game as far as my nutrition goes, I have to watch myself not get too neurotic about all the negative poisons that are out there, whether that be chemtrails, GMO’s or Nano-particles. I have to be very careful and begin focusing on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I will be taking a major step soon, and that step is going to include a lot of changes, vast shifts to take place all at once and in a quick sweep. And although I have a lot of fear walking into the unknown if it is something I fear I know I have to go take that action because I know its what keeps me alive and its what will drive me to the next level of life and existence. To not live as a consumer but as  a producer.

And this is the next level of awareness and reality, I am waking up to each and everyday. Am I a consumer or producer, I am either one or the other in any given moment. I want to unplug myself more and more from all of the things that make me a slave and walk more and more into powerful version of myself where I am alert, alive, feeling smart and empowered. Those are the states of clarity and mental acuity that I am after and I will do everything in my power to get there. It’s the state of relaxation but drive and ambition to go out and achieve greater things.

I take massive action and take risks. If I am out of money, I will walk out into the market place and make something happen, whether that be selling some products I made or whatever else. I am committed to my path and purpose.

And in order to achieve all these states, I have to take action in the Now. Lao Tzu thank you for waking me up to what is important in life.

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