About Me


Hey guys, my name is Dillon and I am a software programmer that is trying to quit his job and become an entrepreneur following my passion of nutrition. Growing up I have always dealt with some health issues, from Crohn’s Disease to leaky gut issues and severe acne when I was a teenagers. I am now 30 years old and still have some health issues but my issue has took me to many spectrum of the health industries and my search for true nutrition information out there.

Along the way I have found many so-called “organics” and “vitamin supplements” to be a farce that provide no real true value to the end consumer, I want to use this blog as my broadcast to show to the world what is real true nutrition and how one can become optimally healthy.

I am definitely much stronger and smarter than a year before because I have learned about how to get healthier and truly heal from Crohn’s Disease. It has not been a easy path and I have spent thousands along the way, studied under many gurus and wen to many seminars. You name it, I’ve done it all from raw food diet, to juice fast and finally 2 week water fast. Each time I saw some marginal improvements but it wasn’t until I began focusing on increasing the healthy bacteria in my gut did my conditions begin to dramatically improve.

I want to share and spread some of those messages to the world and let everyone know about how I become more healthy and finally dive into my passion for business as I want to bring a unique supplement to the world that re-establishes healthy gut flora. That has been the key for my health and well being.

I hope you enjoy the blog, talk to you soon.